I am a full time web designer/developer who has a passion for comedy.  If the passion will become a full time deal is yet to be determined.  But i’ma chip away at it the best I can.  I help write skits for BangBoomCrash.com.  I got a huge break when Jake and Amir from CollegeHumor.com had a script writing contest.  I wrote up the winning script which made me realize I may just have a talent for this.  I am in the beginning stages of writing a pilot that will probably never get picked up, but hey, no harm in trying.

I am married to Sara Hartman, the most supportive woman I know.  We have two children together, Jordana and Max…they’re not like, TOGETHER together, not like Siamese or anything.  Sara and I had them…well…she had them.  I watched…anyway, I do my best to be a provider for my family.

If you like our videos on BangBoomCrash or like my rants on here, please let me know.  Thanks for stopping by and come back again.