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6 08, 2012

Life on Mars Photo from Curiosity Rover

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New Life on Mars Image frm Curiosity Rover

Amazing new image from the Curiosity Rover displaying a life-form on Mars. What a crazy time we live in…

22 09, 2011

Turning Friends into Internet Memes

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Earlier in September, I made a post turning my friend Shea into a meme. Well before Shea, I did this one of my friend Adam and finally getting around to posting it.

Adam Locke Meme - Grinding Gears

8 09, 2011

Turning Friends into Internet Memes

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I am a fan of photoshop and also a fan of hilarity.  So when I see a friend post a picture on Facebook, I attempt to turn it into an internet meme and submit it to  My latest one is of a friend named Shea Holtzman.  I placed the first one on his facebook page which he and others enjoyed.  Little did he know I made more…

Monday Morning - Shit just got real

5 02, 2011

Can’t Deny It…

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I was giving Max a bath tonight and when I pulled him out of the tub and dried his hair, he looked just like me as a baby.  I went through a bin of old photos and misc. memories my mom saved over the years.  Check out the comparison.  Almost scary.  Click the pic to view a larger version.

Baby Stefan and Baby Max Comparison.

24 12, 2010

Time’s Rejected Person of the Year

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Rejected 2010 Time Magazine Person of the Year

I wrote a new article over at After hearing about Facebook’s CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg being names “Person of the Year” by Time Magazine, I got to thinking, “well…who was rejected as person of the year?” So I did a little research and here they are.

2010 Time Magazine’s Person of the Year Runner Ups at

22 12, 2010 Mascot Contest

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So many weeks back, had a contest where they asked their visitors to create a possible future mascot for their site. I whipped this up.

Possible Mascot for

They said they would announce a possible winner that Thursday, but never saw a post about it.  I thought it could of won…but what do I know? I am curious to know how many entries they received though.

19 12, 2010

Planet X Comics Sign

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Planet X Comics & Collectibles in York, PA

It’s always righteous to see your art in a new medium.  I usually only see my stuff on a computer screen or paper.  But the Planet X Comics and Collectibles logo I created has been turned into an awesome light up sign at their store.  Be sure to go out and support’em! Click the above image to see a larger version.

5 10, 2010

Rummaging Around

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I was going through my external hard drive of stuff I did in school and my spare time. I’ll be slowly posting it up, but these I think still hold up and look kinda cool. Good friend Tim Fling invited to me enter a contest to make an image for the Scion car company back in 2005 or 2006. The image was supposed to be edgy and unique (as is the Scion brand). The winning image was going to get blown up and wrapped on the car. At least, that’s how I remember it and I could be TOTALLY wrong. Anywho, I found them and here they are.

27 09, 2010

Search Results

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So today someone was searching for “stafon hartman” and came across my site. Image proof below…

stefon hartman search results

After seeing this, I assume Google corrected them with the following…

28 08, 2010

Mike’s High

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The other day, cruising around Facebook, I found some pics of Mike. Now Mike is totally against drugs and would never, EVER use them…but he looks really high in these photos I found. I mean, the first one he looks high, but the 2nd one, he looks REALLY high. Almost TOO high, ya know.

Mike High   •   Mike REALLY High