Daym Drops SHUT UP and DAYUM Ringtones

Friday at work, a co-worker showed me the Gregory Bros. video Oh My Dayum (which is crazy hilarious).  After watching that, I watched the original video of Daym Drops reviewing Five Guys Burgers and Fries and it’s just as entertaining.  I then watched a few ore of Daym’s food reviews and I was hooked.  I subscribed to his channel and have become a hardcore fan, for real!

The shit he says and his facial reactions are just TOO FUNNY.  So funny in fact that I have made his saying “SHUT UP” my phones text tone so whenever I get a text, my phone says “SHUT UP!”  I thought people might want the same so I have the links at the bottom to download the sound files.  They are in MP3 format, so enjoy.

Daym Drops - HAHA, SHUT UP
Daym Drops - SHUT UP (no laugh)
Daym Drops - Giving 3 DAYUMS

If Daym is reading this, let me know if you are ever in or around York, PA man!  I’ll treat you to THE BEST Cheeseburger sub you ever had…EVER!  Guaranteed best!  Hit me up sir!  My Treat!  Thanks for everything!