August 13, 2011

Freelance Technical Illustrator

About a month ago, a friend of mine working for a big company called me to asked if I could do some illustration fix ups for him.  Not having done any technical illustration in years, I told him I’d give it a go.  Then he said, “Cool, I can get you probably $45 an hour” at which point my head exploded.  After doing the job and receiving the check, I figured I’d open myself to the world of Freelance Technical Illustrating.  I’ve attached a few examples below of my work in the past.  My hourly rate is $45/hour.

The only downside is my availability.  As I work my full-time job at Wide Open Communications, my available time to Illustrate is pretty much 6pm till whenever I go to bed and of course on weekends.  So if you’re looking to have some Technical Illustrations done, please let me know.

5KwEngine Illustrated by Stefan Hartman Piston Removal by Stefan Hartman Skid With Mounted Parts by Stefan Hartman Radio Docking Unit by Stefan Hartman Back of Radio Docking Unit by Stefan Hartman

Click to view larger versions (may take awhile to load)

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