15 08, 2011

My Kids LOVE Pingu

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Jordana and Max recently discovered Pingu on Netflix. They love him.

15 08, 2011

WY Gets Reimbursement Check

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I recently read an article about West York Area School District receiving “a reimbursement check from Met-Ed for more than $700,000 because the district had been overpaying on its electric bill for months“.  Apparently they are trying to think of ways to use the money.  While I do not know the current financial state of the WY Area School District, as an alumni and parent, I think I have an idea that may be do-able.

Why not create a program where students who rank well or work hard get a big chunk of cash towards their college education?  The district could award this cash at graduation and in the mean time, put the money into an account to earn interest off of it.  Not only would this be good for the students, but I’m sure would shine some very positive light on the school districts reputation.

Now I know the idea is easier said then done as some questions of fairness or eligibility may arise, but I think the idea is very positive.  It is at least worth a look into.

source: http://www.ydr.com/local/ci_18680859

10 08, 2011

Want A Google+ Invite?

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Are you STILL not on Google+, but want an invite?  Well I got you covered.
Click the link below and it should get you started…


Then be sure to add me in a circle!

8 08, 2011

Physical Media is dying…

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I read a post today at NYMag.com talking about how the American people are renting movies more then buying them…

“During the first six months 2011, consumers spent $4.2 billion renting movies, compared to $4.1 billion buying them. The results can be attributed to the rising popularity and convenience of rental services like Netflix and Redbox (and — cough — illegal downloading).”

After Netflix raised their prices, I personally started hitting up Redbox (and love it).  I used to LOVE buying and collecting DVDs and Blu-ray, but with digital downloading/streaming becoming bigger and more convenient, my spending on physical media has pretty much ceased.  I even traded in all my DVDs and Blu-rays for cash.

The only reason physical media sells (at least in my opinion) is due to special features.  Which gives me and idea and hopefully, somehow, Hollywood hears about it (or at least thinks alike).

Why not make the special features available for digital distribution?  You could make a website where the special features are displayed and cost a buck or two OR have an advertisement in front of the video.  Possibly the film companies could create an app which streams these special features to phones, tablets and game consoles.

Either way, something is going to have to be done if you want these special features to bring in some extra income as they did for the DVDs because face it, physical media is dying.

source: http://nymag.com/daily/entertainment/2011/08/americans_spending_more...

4 08, 2011

The Science – Burn While Listening

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The Science - Burn While ListeningMy music library as of late has consisted of old Hip-Hop songs that I’ve been listening to since the early 2000s.  There has been SOME new music though including the new Bad Meets Evil album, the new Limp Bizkit album, the new 311 album and various songs by Jae Rellz, Yelawolf and Hollywood Undead.

HOW THE FUCK EVER, all that has changed since my man The Science (from York, PA) put his newest release, Burn While Listening up to download (FOR FREE).  It is without a doubt the best listening experience I have had in a very long time.  Now my review maybe slightly biased as I have been friends with the dude since 4th grade, but I know good music when I hear it.

As long as I have known him, The Science has been into music.  If you cut him he bleeds music notes and you can hear it in his end product.  He writes, produces and edits all his own music AND he lays his own lyrics.  The dude is so multi-talented it’s SICK.

The Science’s style is unlike anyone else that is out (at least that I have heard).  He has found a way to combine Hip-Hop, Reggae and Rock into one intense drum-busting eargasm.

In his latest project he combines this music styles into a mixtape style album.  The album starts as if you were scrolling though radio stations looking for something to listening to.  While radio surfing around, you end up hearing funny advertisements, clips of comedy movies and DJ New Shit calling into radio stations.  Once the static settles, he gets into a music track.

He has cruising songs (like Cruise Control), weed smoking/romance songs (like Roll it up) and even club bangers (like B.W.L.).  The stand out song to me is titled Paper Planes.

After hearing this track I had to call him personally to let him know how much I enjoyed the album. It’s just excellent. I urge you to check it out, download it and listen the fuck out of it.  If you haven’t heard of The Science yet, but sure to check out his previous releases, The Photoelectric Effect: Volume I and The Photoelectric Effect: Volume II.

I’m also intrigued to know what you thought of the album, so please leave your comments below with your thoughts.

23 07, 2011

Our House is for Sale

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For only $125,000.00, YOU could live in the same house that the barely-internet-famous, wanna-be-comedian Stefan Hartman lived in.  We recently put our house on the market.  It is located in a very nice neighborhood in West York.  It’s a 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom town house.

You can find pics of the house on MorganCollins.com, Realtor.comPrudentialHomeSale.com.  You can also plug our MLS number (21107885) into a number of home searches to find our house as well.  Lastly, you can see spots of the interior of our house in many of our BangBoomCrash.com videos.

The house comes with a fridge, stove, microwave and dishwasher (all of which are only 3 years old).  Also includes the washer and dryer.  It has natural gas heating and central air conditioning.  The master bedroom has a huge vanity with a sink and also includes a walk-in closet PLUS we installed a ceiling fan less then a year ago.  Last summer, we also had a new stone patio built in the back of the house.  The house also has a one car garage and a drive way big enough to fit 2 cars on plus street parking.  The latest update we did to the house was replace all the carpeting downstairs with laminate flooring.

This was our first house and we put a ton of care and love in to it.  Both our kids started their lives here and it has more of a “home” feeling then you’ll probably find anywhere else.  If you have any questions about the house, you can contact me or contact our real estate agent, Victoria Reiber.

20 07, 2011

The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer

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MovieWeb.com posted the trailer for the upcoming movie, The Amazing Spider-Man which is coming out next summer.

I am crazy excited! Ever since I saw Andrew Garfield in The Social Network, I thought he was going to make a good Peter Parker. I was hoping to get a glimpse of The Lizard, but I understand they don’t want to spoil everything. I’m sure people at Comic-Con will get a peek at something. I’m willing to bet the whole 1st person view of him running is in 3D and I bet is incredible to watch with the glasses on.

This, The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers all come out next summer!!!  Box office numbers should be blowin UP!

14 07, 2011

I’m on That Google+

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Stefan Hartman on Google+

Last week, I received an invite by super cool-guy Nick LeBlanc to Google+.  I’m on it now and I REALLY dig it.  If you want to follow me or add me to a circle, you can find me here.

What I like about Google+ so far…

  • Sparks are really neat.  You can type in a topic that interest you and find a ton of new stuff about said topic.  Example, I search for “York, PA” (with quotes) and found a ton of recent news articles.  Even one from a New York Publication about a York, PA resident getting into a car crash…ok that’s a bad story, but I wouldn’t have read about it if it wasn’t for the Sparks.
  • Feels like a mash-up of both Twitter and Facebook.  You can converse and comment on stuff you and your friends are sharing, but you can follow people of interest.  Facebook, you can “Like” someone and they show up in your news feed.  While G+ you can do the same, but have the option to just view your Following Circle so pictures of your friend’s cousin’s baby-daddy new girlfriend (fresh out the pen) aren’t mixed in with your Mashable (or whatever) updates.  Or if you don’t want to be bothered with what/who you’re following, and only want to see your friends updates, you can select that circle.
  • Control of your sharing options is very cool to.  If I take a pic of my daughter, I can select to only share it with my Family Circle and that’s it.  Only people in My Family Circle will see that photograph.  But if I want to share the size of my most recent bowel movement, I can opt to share that publicly which includes everyone in my Circles, People Following Me AND the general internet public.  I really dig this option because I feel in the future, Google will use this info in its search results (kinda like the recently lost realtime twitter feed).

What I’m looking forward to on Google+…

  • When I +1 something on another website (like BangBoomCrash.com or WideOpen.net), I want that page to show up in my Stream so people can see/share/comment on the link/page I just +1’ed.
  • More people to get on it so my Stream isn’t so bare/inactive.

I think it’s a really great service so far and hope it keeps going strong.  I’m excited to see where it goes from here.  FOLLOW ME!

12 07, 2011

Hip-Hop Artist Reppin’ York, PA

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I’m a big hip-hop fan.  In the summers of my childhood, I would stay at my Dad’s house on W. Poplar St. in York and my brother exposed me Notorious B.I.G, Warren G, Busta Rhymes, Dr. Dre, DMX, LL Cool J and so on.  I would go back to my Mom’s and back to school and people ragged on me.  Claiming I was listening to “Rap Crap”, but Hip-Hop stuck with me.

Last night my brother sent me a message via Facebook asking if I heard this dude named Jae Rellz.  Got to work today and Googled him.  Homie is from York, PA which made me ECSTATIC.  Growin up in York, it’s great to find an artist reppin and talking about your city.  All the major cities have a ton of artist doing this, but York does not.  The track below is titled My City.  Check it out!

Jae Rellz Ft. Sect.9, P-Dub, & Lady Shakespeare – My City by Jae Rellz

I spoke with Jae a bit on his Facebook.  He’s been on a TON of various mix-tapes and he’s working on (and hopefully droppin soon) his own mix-tape titled New G in Town soon.  Check him out and hopefully you’ll digg him.

22 06, 2011

Local & Nationwide Advertising

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Google Adwords Coupons

A few weeks ago, Google sent me a stack of Google AdWords coupons to hand out to my clients. I have a few left, so if you have been thinking about advertising online, hit me up.

Adwords is awesome because you can choose where your ads display.  If you want your ads to only display within a 25 mile radius within your business, that option is available.  Or you can choose to advertise per city, state or nationwide.  PLUS you can also decide how much you want to spend.  You can choose to spend $1.50/day or $10.00/day.  Control is totally up to you.

The coupons will start you off with $105 bucks (extra $5 is for setup fee) and I will set up your account for free and get you started with your first campaign.  If you have any questions, comments or if there are any other web related issues I can help you with, please let me know.