14 07, 2012

Looking For Writers for GeekDip.com

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GeekDip.com Logo

I started a new website last week called GeekDip.com.

The focus on the website is to report news and reviews on general geek stuff.  TV shows, Movies, Gadgets, Music, ect.  At this point it is a hobby site, but who knows what will come of it.  I can only dedicate spare time to the site so the news that gets posted people will probably already hear of else where.

I am currently looking for writers for the site.  Writers can write whenever they have time.  While I can not pay any writers, I am offering 75% ad time on the posts you write.  The more posts you write, the more ads will display.  Ads can be a static image/link of your choice OR Google AdSense.

Check out the site at GeekDip.com.  If you are interested in writing for Geek Dip, please Contact us.

16 06, 2012

Hollywood Babble-On on Spoilers

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I recently signed up for HuluPLUS so I could watch Kevin Smith’s Spoilers on my PS3. While I enjoyed the show as it contains a few of my favorite things (Kev Smith, Movies, Special Guest, ect) the animated short below where Ralph Garman does an impression of Dracula had me in stitches. This video was so funny even my kids LOVED it. Now my daughter Jordana walks around going “BLEH”.

I’ll be watching Spoilers on a regular basis strictly for the animated short at the end of the episode. Babble-on Rules!!!

15 06, 2012

2 year old Max throws fit

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Been awhile since I posted on my blog.  Thought I’d blow the dust off it and throw up a video of Max when he was 2 years old.  He wanted computer time but didn’t want to eat his dinner.  The result is below…

1 02, 2012

BangBoomCrash – Mouse

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12 12, 2011

BangBoomCrash – Shea’s New Phone

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23 11, 2011

Yelawolf’s Radioactive Review

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I wrote up a review for Yelawolf’s latest album titled Radioactive over at BrainResidue.com.  You can check it out by clicking the image below or by clicking here or by typing in BrainResidue.com in the address bar of your web browser or Googling “Yelawolf Radioactive Review” or by emailing me and asking me for the link or by checking out BrainResidue’s Facebook page or BrainResidue’s Twitter page or…

Yelawolf Radioactive Album Cover Art

1 11, 2011

Outlaw Represented Lobbyists

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I’m not a very political person.  When someone around me starts speaking politics, I kinda zone out and start drooling on myself due to the extreme level of boredom (and lack of knowledge) on the subject.  HOWEVER, recently my mother put together a petition on WhiteHouse.gov that I think most people could get behind.  The focus of the petition is to outlaw represented lobbyists in our democratic system.  Below has more details…

When our forefathers created the Bill of Rights, they gave us the right to have access to our elected representatives to promote changes within the government. I do not believe, however, that our forefathers anticipated the unbridled greed for money and power of our current representatives who ignore their constituents’ wanted and need to follow the money trail of big business, all the while lining their pockets.

Lobbying has gone from the ideal of the common man to have the right to speak to his representatives about personal and local concerns to a multimillion business that sways greedy politicians at the expense and suffering of ordinary citizens.

If you agree, please sign this petition in support of outlawing represented lobbyists in our democratic system.

If you feel the same way, click the link below and sign the petition.  We need 25,000 signatures by December 1st, 2011.  Hopefully we can put a stop to these greedy sons’a bitches.


20 10, 2011

My Hollywood Babble-On Experience

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On Oct 17th, 2011, My mom and I went to the World Cafe Live in Philadelphia to see Ralph Garman and Kevin Smith perform Hollywood Babble-On. It was AWESOME! I wrote up an email a week before the show in hopes to get a “Shout Out” and we did. My mom even got to get up on stage and score a hug from Kev Smith himself. She was over the moon. I pulled the section of our shout out below.  Watch your volume as it contains profanity AND there are no volume controls on the player…also it’s almost 5 minutes long.

Ralph Garman & Kevin Smith Give Us a Shout Out!

Also I saw Jennifer Schwalbach walk from the stage to a reserved seat in the back of the club before the show started.  As we left, I walked past her table and saw a mountain of olives that I can only assume were from a ton of cocktails she had during the show.  The entire experience was so awesome.  Only thing that would have made it better would have been to grab a pic with Ralph and Kevin.  But by the time they were done it was 10:30 and we had to drive back to York from Philly.  Got home around 1:30 am and I was cached.

Awesome YouTuber jessiesnacks recorded and uploaded my request of Ralph and his creepy clown music. Check it out below…

You can listen to the rest of the episode here (which I highly recommend) and hear other their past and future episodes as well as other awesome podcasts at SModcast.com.

UPDATE: My Shout out that I sent to Ralph got animated by YouTuber VJSepp. Check it out below…

20 10, 2011

BangBoomCrash – Lost

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3 10, 2011

BangBoomCrash – Staring Contest

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