16 09, 2011

COME ON NOW, More Margaritas!!!

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I’m amped.  Me and my Ma are going to see Ralph Garman and Kevin Smith at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia on October 17th.  Gonna be awesome.  After my mom getting the tickets, someone commented “COME ON NOW, MORE MARGARITAS” and I started laughing.  This sent me on a quest to find the audio track of the Ralph Garman/Al Pacino, “More Margaritas” song they played during HBO #50.  Well…I couldn’t find it.  So I downloaded the episode and cut that section out (and looped it once to make it longer).  It’s lousey quality, but the best I could do.  I’ve seen people begging for the song, but haven’t seen anyone post it up yet.  So here’s what I got…

Ralph Garman/Al Pacino - More Margaritas

See ya in Philly Ralph and Kev!!!

Went to the show and GOT A SHOUT OUT!  Check it out here…

12 09, 2011

True Blood Season 4 Finale Review

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The wife and I have been enjoying True Blood since it first started on HBO.  In the middle of the first season, my wife started purchasing the books and comparing the two mediums (tee-hee! Mediums…season 4…get it?).  That’s being said, below are on my thoughts on the season and the finale.

True Blood Season 4 Image

When the season start, my expectations were low as the first three seasons were very entertaining.  Once I heard Witches were involved, I grew skeptical.  The season started off in Fairy (or Fae) land for a whole 10 minutes, then Sookie finds her way back to the real world…a year later.  In that time, Jason becomes a cop, Tara turns dyke and moves to New Orleans, Eric buys Sookie’s house and Bill becomes King of Louisiana.  Sookie comes back in the midst of all that shit.

8 09, 2011

Turning Friends into Internet Memes

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I am a fan of photoshop and also a fan of hilarity.  So when I see a friend post a picture on Facebook, I attempt to turn it into an internet meme and submit it to TheChive.com.  My latest one is of a friend named Shea Holtzman.  I placed the first one on his facebook page which he and others enjoyed.  Little did he know I made more…

Monday Morning - Shit just got real

7 09, 2011

SOA Season 4 Premiere Review

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Trust me when I say I have been impatiently waiting for the return of Sons of Anarchy on FX.  I’ve been paying attention to show creator Kurt Sutter’s YouTube channel and blog posts plus reading every article that comes out with news about the SOA.  Spoilers or not, I wanted to know what was going down.  Before I get down to my review of the show, let’s do a quick season 3 recap.

Sons of Anarchy Season 4 Group Shot

Last season, the MC went to Ireland to get Jax’s son back after being taken my Cameron Hayes.  After being dicked around and killin some people, they got Abel back.  However before leaving, Jax made a deal with FBI Agent Stahl to turn over the Jimmy O and The True IRA in exchange for reduced prison time for the club and to get Gemma free of all murder charges that she was facing.  Some other stuff goes down (Tara and her boss get taken hostage by Hector Salazar, Tara is also pregnant with Jax’s kid,  Jax almost nails his half-sister, the club gets some new prospects, Tig and Kozik fight over a dog, ect).  The season ends by SAMCRO giving some Russians some counterfeit money for Jimmy O, Chibs kills Jimmy O, Opie kills Stahl, Jax being a Rat was pre-planned and half the club goes to jail.

On to the premiere of season 4 (SPOILERS AHEAD).

The episode opens with the incarcerated crew getting out of prison and everyone getting ready for their home coming.  It’s an opening sequence you can’t help but to smile at as the MC becomes whole again.  BUT that is quickly torn to shit as Otto offs himself in prison.  Then the MC meets the new law in town and realize Charming is not so charming anymore.

Once all the members fresh out of jail are brought up to speed on the new Charming situation, SAMCRO meets with the Russians to straighten out their future gun business.  What they don’t know is a new DA in Charming has a man on the inside with the Russians.  The DA plans to take down the Russians and their gun business while taking town the True IRA and SAMCRO in the process.  This makes the new police Sheriff, Eli Roosevelt very happy and agrees to come on board to take everyone down.

After meeting with the Russians, love is in the air as Clay and Jax get some much needed lovin’ from their old ladies.  After words Jax talks to Tara about leaving SAMCRO (and proposes).

We then get our first surprise of the episode (and a good one at that).  OTTO IS NOT DEAD.  He sliced himself to get close to the person who shanked Jax in the SOA Appisode titled “Pay Phone“.  Otto then crams a scalpel in his ear.

The episode then goes into a happy moment where Opie and Lyla get married.  Attending the wedding is all of SAMCRO and family plus some Mayans and Russians.  Once the wedding is over, the club uses a truck borrowed from Unser to take some members to check out some guns from the Russians.  Then the show gets cranked up to 11 as SAMCRO ends up killing ALL the Russians including the DA’s inside man.

I was  happy with the episode but FX took a ton of advertising during this premiere.  There were definitely too many ads, but I understand FX needs to make money and this is a prime spot to take in it.

The episode as a whole was good.  Everything I was expecting/assuming was taken away.  I assumed the inside man for the Russians would play out a into a few episodes and assumed Otto was dead.  They kill off any assumptions you may have and leave you wondering what is really going to happen this season.

The ending was by far the best part of the episode and I look forward to the DA and police trying find a way to take SAMCRO down with their inside man now dead.  Also interesting is how Jax plans to leave the club when it seems like everytime he wants to leave, something pulls him back in.  Plus, in all honestly, if Jax leaves then there really is no show.

On a small side note, I watched SOA on DirecTV.  During the scene when Clay and Unser talk, my audio kept going out.  Did anyone else experience this?  My only guess is it might have been due to the large amount of viewers after Kurt Sutter issued a contest on his blog.

23 08, 2011


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WOW!  Everyone is already talkin about it, but all I see are major city stuff.  I work in Gettysburg, PA and felt this earthquake that shook the east coast.  It was also felt in York, PA and Dallastown, PA.  My facebook feed exploded with people that felt it.  Quite the experience.  Let’s see what happens next.

15 08, 2011

My Kids LOVE Pingu

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Jordana and Max recently discovered Pingu on Netflix. They love him.

15 08, 2011

WY Gets Reimbursement Check

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I recently read an article about West York Area School District receiving “a reimbursement check from Met-Ed for more than $700,000 because the district had been overpaying on its electric bill for months“.  Apparently they are trying to think of ways to use the money.  While I do not know the current financial state of the WY Area School District, as an alumni and parent, I think I have an idea that may be do-able.

Why not create a program where students who rank well or work hard get a big chunk of cash towards their college education?  The district could award this cash at graduation and in the mean time, put the money into an account to earn interest off of it.  Not only would this be good for the students, but I’m sure would shine some very positive light on the school districts reputation.

Now I know the idea is easier said then done as some questions of fairness or eligibility may arise, but I think the idea is very positive.  It is at least worth a look into.

source: http://www.ydr.com/local/ci_18680859

10 08, 2011

Want A Google+ Invite?

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Are you STILL not on Google+, but want an invite?  Well I got you covered.
Click the link below and it should get you started…


Then be sure to add me in a circle!

8 08, 2011

Physical Media is dying…

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I read a post today at NYMag.com talking about how the American people are renting movies more then buying them…

“During the first six months 2011, consumers spent $4.2 billion renting movies, compared to $4.1 billion buying them. The results can be attributed to the rising popularity and convenience of rental services like Netflix and Redbox (and — cough — illegal downloading).”

After Netflix raised their prices, I personally started hitting up Redbox (and love it).  I used to LOVE buying and collecting DVDs and Blu-ray, but with digital downloading/streaming becoming bigger and more convenient, my spending on physical media has pretty much ceased.  I even traded in all my DVDs and Blu-rays for cash.

The only reason physical media sells (at least in my opinion) is due to special features.  Which gives me and idea and hopefully, somehow, Hollywood hears about it (or at least thinks alike).

Why not make the special features available for digital distribution?  You could make a website where the special features are displayed and cost a buck or two OR have an advertisement in front of the video.  Possibly the film companies could create an app which streams these special features to phones, tablets and game consoles.

Either way, something is going to have to be done if you want these special features to bring in some extra income as they did for the DVDs because face it, physical media is dying.

source: http://nymag.com/daily/entertainment/2011/08/americans_spending_more...

4 08, 2011

The Science – Burn While Listening

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The Science - Burn While ListeningMy music library as of late has consisted of old Hip-Hop songs that I’ve been listening to since the early 2000s.  There has been SOME new music though including the new Bad Meets Evil album, the new Limp Bizkit album, the new 311 album and various songs by Jae Rellz, Yelawolf and Hollywood Undead.

HOW THE FUCK EVER, all that has changed since my man The Science (from York, PA) put his newest release, Burn While Listening up to download (FOR FREE).  It is without a doubt the best listening experience I have had in a very long time.  Now my review maybe slightly biased as I have been friends with the dude since 4th grade, but I know good music when I hear it.

As long as I have known him, The Science has been into music.  If you cut him he bleeds music notes and you can hear it in his end product.  He writes, produces and edits all his own music AND he lays his own lyrics.  The dude is so multi-talented it’s SICK.

The Science’s style is unlike anyone else that is out (at least that I have heard).  He has found a way to combine Hip-Hop, Reggae and Rock into one intense drum-busting eargasm.

In his latest project he combines this music styles into a mixtape style album.  The album starts as if you were scrolling though radio stations looking for something to listening to.  While radio surfing around, you end up hearing funny advertisements, clips of comedy movies and DJ New Shit calling into radio stations.  Once the static settles, he gets into a music track.

He has cruising songs (like Cruise Control), weed smoking/romance songs (like Roll it up) and even club bangers (like B.W.L.).  The stand out song to me is titled Paper Planes.

After hearing this track I had to call him personally to let him know how much I enjoyed the album. It’s just excellent. I urge you to check it out, download it and listen the fuck out of it.  If you haven’t heard of The Science yet, but sure to check out his previous releases, The Photoelectric Effect: Volume I and The Photoelectric Effect: Volume II.

I’m also intrigued to know what you thought of the album, so please leave your comments below with your thoughts.