19 12, 2010

Planet X Comics Sign

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Planet X Comics & Collectibles in York, PA

It’s always righteous to see your art in a new medium.  I usually only see my stuff on a computer screen or paper.  But the Planet X Comics and Collectibles logo I created has been turned into an awesome light up sign at their store.  Be sure to go out and support’em! Click the above image to see a larger version.

11 12, 2010

Snooki New Years Eve on MTV

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Snookie New Years Eve Drop

I wrote yet ANOTHER article at BrainResidue.com. This one is about the MTV’s New Year’s Bash in Times Square where this year, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi will be inside the ball that is dropped during the countdown to 2011. I make jokes like the ball falling 50 MPH and falling into a tub of acid. Short read…check it out!

Snooki’s New Years Ball Drop at BrainResidue.com

10 12, 2010

The Grinch Goes to Jail

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How the Grinch Went to Jail

Wrote up a new post for the upcoming Holidays over at BrainResidue.com titled “How The Grinch Went to Jail“. Got the idea from my Step-Dad Shane Krout and his daughter Leigh Ann from a few years back. Go read it and enjoy!

How The Grinch Went to Jail at BrainResidue.com.

5 12, 2010

Jesus Facebook Reminder

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Created an image over at BrainResidue.com based off those e-mails you get from Facebook reminding you of your friends birthday. Welp I only have one major friend whom is celebrating a birthday in December. Click here to check it out!

Jesus Facebook Birthday Reminder E-mail

4 12, 2010

Leaked PlayStation Phone – Zeus Z1

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Apparently, this audioless footage leaked from under Kevin Butler’s nose showing off the new PlayStation Phone codenamed “Zeus Z1″. It’s a Sony Ericsson phone running Android Gingerbread and around 1:55, you can see a PlayStation Icon on the right hand side of the Apps list.

If this is indeed real, then I am all about it. My only hope is that it’s available on T-Mobile and my MyTouch3G is paid off by the time it comes out! There is another video showing the PlayStation App over at Engadget.

source: Engadget

1 12, 2010

SOA – Season 3 Finale Review

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So I wrote up a review for the season finale of my favorite show, Sons of Anarchy, over at BrainResidue.com. Now that it’s over, I’m hoping to fill in the void with “Lights Out“. I hope its as entertaining as SOA is. Good news though, it’ll be back for a 4th season!

Sons of Anarchy – Season 3 Finale Review at BrainResidue.com

30 11, 2010

Video for ComputerWorks

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The Boss Man at Computer Works, Henry Grossman, asked for my limited video expertise to whip up this video. Was not shot by me, but was edited by me! Thoughts?

28 11, 2010

Top 5 Singing in the Car Scenes

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Wayne's World - Bohemian Rhapsody

FINALLY! I have had this idea for the longest time. Literally for at least 4 years. I had the idea of making a top 10 list of the best “Singing in the Car Scenes from a Comedy Movie”. The shining example is Wayne’s World car scene while they sing Bohemian Rhapsody. The list went through different phases like just scenes with only singing to music to music in the car to car scenes in general then finally made the move back to my original idea. Except instead of 10, I narrowed it down to 5. If the post gets enough buzz/views/links, I might make a part two…well see! GO READ IT NOW!!!

Top 5 Singing in the Car Comedy Scenes at BrainResidue.com.

27 11, 2010

I’m a HERO…sort of

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I’ve been meaning to post this story for a few weeks now and just finally got some time (and finally remembered).

So there I am, taking out the trash on Friday, November 19th when all the sudden this fat, old beagle runs up to me. Soaking wet, covered in mud, totally lost. I check the tags and call the number on the tags. Turns out the number goes to a treasurer office. So I call 911 to report the dog hoping someone can pick it up as I have to head to work. Well they transfer me over to the records department so they can get the info of the dog and I can call them. I get the info and call and no one picks up. I get the answering machine. I leave a message saying, “Uhhh…I got your dog” and leave my number. I hang up and call 911 again to see if they can send an officer or someone to pick up the dog as once again, I still have to head to work. As soon as I get off the phone, I get another phone call. It’s the owner saying she’s home and on her way up to pick her up. The lady gets there and is beyond thankful and goes “How much do I owe you”. The greedy section of my brain explodes saying “ASK FOR MONEY! LOTS OF MONEY!!!” But I decline and say “just glad to help” in a Superman style voice. I call 911 for last time to let them know the owner came and it’s all good.

So the dog (Dottie) goes home, kids go to grandmas and I end up 40 minutes late to work. All in all…total waste of time!

Dottie the lost Dog Dottie the lost Dog Dottie the lost Dog
24 11, 2010

Find me at BrainResidue.com

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Yesterday afternoon I received an email from a person named Sam who runs BrainResidue.com. Said he saw BangBoomCrash and thought our skits were hilarious. He then invited me to write articles over at BrainResidue.com as well as post our latest BangBoomCrash skits. Short story…umm…shorter…I’m writing over there a bit. So far, there’s one post, BUT I have many ideas which I will post over there. So check it out and visit it often!