6 04, 2011

Tupac Pants

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Many years back, I purchased these jeans from T.J.Maxx that have become a much talked about topic within my circle of friends. Almost ALL OF IT negative. The wife HATES these pants. I enjoy them. Katie Bupp also enjoys them only because she thinks they are hideous. I even wore them to mine and Sara’s wedding reharsal, for which I still get yelled at about.

Makaveli Brand Jeans Close up of Makaveli Brand Jeans
20 03, 2011

Funny Song by Justin Orr

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Sometime ago, I helped design, maintain and write for a website called TheGeekReport.net. Justin and I used to make small flash based skits for part of our content on the site (which I still have will share in the future). Well many years ago, Justin whipped up this song below using various clips from our recording sessions (which were in our cars during our lunch breaks while working at ILS). I have 2 of them to share, but this is the first one. WARNING: Audio may be loud. Check your volume. ENJOY!

Justin Orr - My Song for YOU

If you dig it, you should definitely check out his music that he pours his heart and soul into over at phyllotaxismusic.com or visit his YouTube Channel where he does some kick ass covers of Radiohead, Deftones, Ozzy and more! Dude is a huge bucket of talent.

15 03, 2011

Headache by BangBoomCrash

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9 03, 2011

Funny Search Result

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So tonight, I checked my stats for my site to see where people come from and where they go on my site.  Well some time today, someone searched for the term pictures of overweight white families.  So I did a search for it myself and I LOL’d pretty hard.  The only photoshopping I did to this image was adding the red arrow (click for larger view).

Overweight White Families Search Result

While I’m all about showing up within the first few results on Google, I’m even more amped as this is the closest I’ll probably ever get to Michael Oher.

9 03, 2011

Fire Alarms by BangBoomCrash

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5 03, 2011

Stony Blyden on BrainResidue.com

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Wrote up a new article over at BrainResidue.com. I did an interview with one of my favorite YouTubers, Stony Blyden from Steff Comedy.  Stony is a 17 year old who makes video remixes from various internet clips and his own original music.  He is also a BIG BangBoomCrash fan (which means he’s WINNING).  Is it groundbreaking…no. Is it entertaining…probably. Should you read it…FUCK…YES.

Interview with Stony Blyden from Steff Comedy @ Brainresidue.com

2 03, 2011

Coming soon…

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23 02, 2011

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 & A Bet

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Sara was running out to Target tonight and my fat mouth made a deal. Told her if she bought me Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 for my PS3, that I would bathe the kids every night for the next month. Welp, she shut me up…

Stefan Hartman with PS3 Marvel vs. Capcom 3

So if you got also have MvsC3 and are rockin a PS3, feel free to invite me to a throw down. PSN user Quminottie. I’ll be the one getting my ass handed to me…after I bathe the kids!

12 02, 2011

Stefan Hartman Club?

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The Stefan Hartman Club Website

The other day, someone came to my site by searching for “Stefan Hartman Clubwebsite”. I’m just ecstatic that someone made a club for me. Since it says “Stefan Hartman” and not “Stefan Hartmans”. Only one Stefan Hartman allowed and I can dig it.

If you are reading this and you are another Stefan Hartman, let me know. Perhaps we can change it to a Stefan Hartmans Club. We’ll make a logo and have meetings and create a secret club handshake. It’ll be righteous!

10 02, 2011

Max Dancing to NaNaNa

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Here’s Max YET AGAIN pulling out his sweetest of dance moves and angelic singing for Steff Comedy’s “NaNaNa”.