25 01, 2011

Wedding Photos

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The other day, one of the kids decided to tear some photos out of our wedding album. In the the destruction I found these two pictures. They feature myself, Planet X Comics shop owner Tim Fling and musical talent Justin Orr.

At the wedding, both Tim and Justin requested “It’s Raining Men” from the DJ and thought they would come up and dance with me in hopes that it would embarrass me. Little did they know I do not embarrass easily. I just went with the flow and pulled out the best dance moves an overweight white man can.

My favorite part of these photos is Tim’s famous Phantom of the Opera dance moves in the first picture.

Stefan Hartman, Tim Fling and Justin Orr Dancing at Wedding
Stefan Hartman, Tim Fling and Justin Orr Dancing

14 01, 2011

Max sings Katy Perry’s Firework

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My son Max has been in love with Katy Perry for going on almost 1/2 a year. A few months back all he wanted to watch was California Girls and Teenage Dream on our DVR (thanks to Fuse OnDemand). His love for Katy Perry is so bad that Omi bought him a copy of Maxim which Katy Perry is on the cover.

Well I fired up the camera tonight while Max danced and sang along with Firework while it was playing. After getting mad views on his It Ain’t Kosh video, I think Max might become a 2-year old internet phenom.

12 01, 2011

Lights Out Review on FX

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So FX is by far my favorite TV channel.  Since Sons of Anarchy is gone till next year and Rescue Me is not due back till summer, I’ve been hurtin for a new show.  Lights Out is that show and i wrote up a review for it over at BrainResidue.com.  Go read it now!!!

Lights Out Season Premiere Review at BrainResidue.com

8 01, 2011

Max LOVES It Ain’t Kosh

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So there is a YouTuber out there named SteffComedy who makes these righteous videos using his own original music and clips of Jake and Amir and other various CollegeHumor Originals. He blends them together in some sort of Awesome-Machine-A-Majig which outputs totally entertaining and re-watchable videos. I am a big fan of his and I constantly watch his videos. So much so that Max watches them with me and has a favorite titled “It Ain’t Kosh“. Below is a video of Max enjoying said video.

He also enjoys “Happy Birth” which he calls “Happy Burp”.

4 01, 2011

Odd Bird Gathering

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The other day, when taking down our Christmas lights, I noticed an add amount of birds hanging out in the front of our house.  So I grabbed our camera to film it but around the 10 second mark, something spooks them and they fly away…

29 12, 2010

Fadely’s Auto Repair York, PA

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Fadley's Automasters in York, PA

I recently just got my yearly car inspection/emissions testing done.  For all my automobile needs, I take my car to Fadely’s Auto Masters on Market Street in York, PA.  I started going there because:
A.) they are  a few blocks away from my house and
B.) a good friend of mine, Chris Aspey recommended them.

However, they became the best when I realized that every time they work on my car, they leave a snack in the car when I go to pick it up.  Once it was Martin’s chips and this year, it was peanut butter crackers.  Either they do this for everyone or they just know I’m fat and I’ll eat’em

They have always done good work for me and they leave snacks in your car.  What more could you want!?

24 12, 2010

Time’s Rejected Person of the Year

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Rejected 2010 Time Magazine Person of the Year

I wrote a new article over at BrainResidue.com. After hearing about Facebook’s CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg being names “Person of the Year” by Time Magazine, I got to thinking, “well…who was rejected as person of the year?” So I did a little research and here they are.

2010 Time Magazine’s Person of the Year Runner Ups at BrainResidue.com.

23 12, 2010

Red State Teaser Trailer

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One of my personal heroes, Kevin Smith, released a teaser trailer for his upcoming flick, Red State. Looks righteous. Took what he was familiar with and used to and tore that shit to shreds. Looks awesome! I’m 10 kinds of excited to see this flick. Especially since I’ve been listening to Red State of the Union over on Smodcast.com.

I really like the intro with Kevin and Walt.

22 12, 2010

TheChive.com Mascot Contest

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So many weeks back, TheChive.com had a contest where they asked their visitors to create a possible future mascot for their site. I whipped this up.

Possible Mascot for TheChive.com

They said they would announce a possible winner that Thursday, but never saw a post about it.  I thought it could of won…but what do I know? I am curious to know how many entries they received though.

20 12, 2010

The FRUITS…of my labor

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I came back from a meeting today at work to find a box at the bottom of my steps which lead up to my office. I take it upstairs and open it and find a fruit basket loaded with pears, apples and other snacks from HarryAndDavid.com. Turns out one of Wide Open’s clients, AmericanArtAndAntiques.com, sent me a holiday gift for the work I do on their sites.

Fruit Basket from Harry And David sent by Wide Open Client

I designed and currently maintain a few of their sites including LarrySelman.com, MilitaryPrints.com and AviationPrints.com.