14 09, 2014

@LievSchreiber the ending #RayDonovan…

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@LievSchreiber the ending #RayDonovan episode “Walk This Way” brought a joyful tear to my eye. Good job sir!

11 09, 2014

Wonder how many people were fired…

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Wonder how many people were fired when they typed “see attached screenshit” instead of “screenshot” in an email #ITProblems

27 02, 2014

I’m Providing Web Design, Development and Hosting

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MAjor Designs - Web Design, Development and Hosting in York, PA

I have decided to start my own business!  I have accumulated over 5 years of web design and development experience.  I thought it would be fun to attempt this task and hopefully turn it into a successful venture.

I’m offering Web Design and Development for any web project you may have.  It could be a simple site for your portfolio, a complex, membership-based website or a full-fledged e-Commerce website.  Whatever it is, feel free to contact me for a quote.

I also provide web, email and domain hosting.  More details can be found on my business website – www.MAjorDesigns.co

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Hope to hear from you soon.

21 09, 2013

Seeking Content Writers for GeekDip.com

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I started GeekDip.com in July 2012.  Since then I, along with a few other writers, have put out over 560 posts talking about movies, video games, TV shows, music and more.  I love doing the site but as of late have found it difficult to dedicate time to write for the site.  I had plans on selling the site but before I take that leap, I thought I’d reach out to see if anyone would be interested in writing for GeekDip.com.  The site averages 250 – 300 visits a day and brings in an average of 3,700 unique visitors a month.  I included a screenshot of the cPanel Awstats that are up to date as of September 20, 2013 at 8:00 am EST.

GeekDip.com 2013 Web Statistics

The site is on a hosted WordPress platform with SEO plug-ins and social media plug-ins to auto post to Facebook and Twitter.  I manually post stories to Google+ and Pinterest but plan on looking into auto posting to them soon.  The site does have a responsive design for mobile devices and plug-ins to easily embed video within the post editor.

The only downside is I can not pay people to write for the site.  I can however offer 100% Ad time on the posts you write.  If you look at an article on GeekDip.com, you’ll see a 300×250 ad block on the right hand column.  Most of the pages include my ads as I wrote 95% of the articles on the site but I can use your Google AdSense code or another code so your ads display on your articles.  It can also be an image ad of your choice which links to whatever as long as the image is 300×250.

Hopefully I can get a few more writers to populate the site to make content flourish.  If you interested, hit up the contact form on my blog or at GeekDip.com.  We’ll talk and I’ll get you a username/password so you can have at it.  Thanks a bunch and have a great one.

27 07, 2013

Music Review of Tech N9ne’s “Something Else” Album

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Review of Tech N9ne's 13th album "Something Else" (2013)

I wrote up a review of Tech N9ne’s newest album Something Else.  It is by far Tech’s best album.  Check out my review which breaks down each track of the standard edition album over at GeekDip.com.

Tech N9ne’s Something Else Album Music Review on GeekDip.com

2 07, 2013

TV Review of Showtime’s Dexter Season 8 Premiere

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My TV Review of Showtime's Dexter Final Season 8 Premiere

I wrote up a new review for the 8th and final season premiere of Showtime’s serial killer hit Dexter.  You can read all about it over at GeekDip.com.

Showtime’s “Dexter” Season 8 Premiere Review on GeekDip.com


17 06, 2013

Review of The Lonely Island’s “The Wack Album”

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Music Review of The Wack Album by The Lonely Island

I wrote up a review for The Lonely Island’s newest album The Wack Album.  It’s better then Turtleneck & Chain but can’t out do Incredibad which remains one of my favorite albums to listen to, but there newest offering does offer a lot of re-play value.  Read my full review over at GeekDip.com.

Music Review of The Lonely Island The Wack Album on GeekDip.com.

3 06, 2013

My 2nd Interview with Stony

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Stefan Hartman's Exclusive Interview with Stony

Some time ago I did an interview with Stony, a musician/actor/producer who has made some incredible stuff on YouTube.  I was lucky enough to score a second interview with him after his newest video went viral.  Check it out over at GeekDip.com

Interview With Musician, Actor & Producer Stony (Exclusive) on GeekDip.com.

20 05, 2013

The Top 10 Best Lonely Island Music Videos Of All Time

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Top 10 Best Lonely Island Music Videos Of All Time

I assembled yet another list. This one is all about The Lonely Island. I highly enjoy their hilarious raps and over-the-top music videos. I created a list of their top 10 best videos from their library of 30 music videos. You can check it out on GeekDip.com.

Top 10 Best Lonely Island Music Videos on GeekDip.com.

11 05, 2013

I’ve Become A Fan of Rapper Lil Dicky

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Give A Listen and you'll be a fan of Lil Dicky too!

OH MAN!  A week or so ago I heard Lil Dicky’s ex-boyfriend and loved it.  Smooth flows with a hilarious premise and funny punchlines.  Then I heard his Lion King song and I was hooked. Looked into him, downloaded So Hard and have became a hardcore fan.  My fondness for him grew even more when I found out he’s from PA (bout 2 hours or so from me).  Wrote up a righteous article about him over on GeekDip.com.  Check it out and become a fan like I have.

I Hope You Ain’t Sleepin on Lil Dicky! on GeekDip.com.